Developer Instantiation

I owe my career in software development to burglars.

It was 1981 or 1982, and my parents and I went away for a few days.  When we got back to the house it was ransacked and empty.   They stole everything of value, including the, then state-of-the-art, Intellivision game system.

My mom wasn’t too fond of the game system, because I spent far too much time at it.   She replaced it with a computer by the Texas Instruments company…..the TI99/4A.    This started me on the path to coding, and,  ultimately, a career in software development.

The next step was a Commodore 64 and later a Commodore 128D.   Then I mostly abandoned computers in my teens.   As I entered college and into my twenties,  I never saw myself programming.   In fact, I always wanted to be a lawyer, modeled after Ralph Nader.   That just didn’t work out, and by 1996, I was getting paid to code….having never even taken so much as Computer Science 101.

This isn’t to say that anyone handed a computer at 9 or 10 is headed to a career in code.   There is definitely genetic predisposition to enjoying & excelling at the work, but that’s a whole other post (or many a post).   Let’s just say that I definitely have those genes.


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