I’ve been developing software professionally since 1996.    In that time, I have performed thousands, and possibly tens of thousands, of searches on the Internet to find the answer.

What was the question?   It depended on the project, on the technology, on the day and on the roadblock of the moment.    Just trust that for every roadblock –> this is the most potent tool a developer has:   1) mark error messages  2) paste into search engine  3) search.  (Well, maybe second to asking the developer(s) next to you).

In this way, the Internet serves as a natural extension of the brain.   I don’t need to remember what every ORA-##### error means — I only need to know how to search.  I don’t need to have a book explaining how to send a Toast message to a Windows 7 phone, because somebody has already posted a code sample online.

The only problem is that while I’ve taken…..I haven’t given back.  This blog is an attempt to rectify that.   My hope is that I can write & record any roadblocks I cross, in order to help others.

20 GOTO 10


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